Demi Lovato Tackles The Ed Sheeran Tune ‘Give Me Love’ [Video]

Much to the delight of the internet, Demi Lovato recently tackled the Ed Sheeran tune “Give Me Love.”

Finding someone who thinks Lovato’s version is stronger than Sheeran’s is probably a very tough mission to accomplish, but Demi certainly delivered a fantastic rendition of the song. The “Neon Lights” singer recently performed “Give Me Love” during a recent acoustic session with Captial FM’s “The Live Room.”

In addition to Ed’s song, Demi Lovato also put together stripped down versions of her own tunes “Heart Attack” and “Give Your Heart a Break.” However, Lovato’s take on Sheeran’s tune seems to have garnered the most attention from the internet this week.

Have a listen to Demi’s version of “Give Me Love” below.

It’s no secret that the singer is a pretty big fan of Ed’s work. Towards the end of April, the former Sonny with a Chance star included Sheeran’s name in a list of people she’d love to collaborate with down the road. When Ed realized that Demi wanted to work with him, he set out to make the singer’s dream become a reality.

@ddlovato let's write a song then!

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) April 29, 2014

I am SO down!!!!!!! RT @edsheeran: @ddlovato let's write a song then!

— Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) April 29, 2014

The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that Demi is still trying to work out the logistics of their collaboration. Since both of the artists are busy doing their own things, getting everything hammered out is a bit of an issue at the moment.

She told Capital FM:

“He’s just so talented so I’m really excited to work with him. He was supposed to be here this week, so we were gonna write. And now he’s not, so we’re trying to figure out a time when we can write together.”

Sheeran doesn’t think Lovato is too shabby, either.

If you’re at all curious to hear what Ed’s words sound like rolling of Demi’s tongue, then definitely check out her cover of “Give Me Love.” Judging from these Twitter reactions, Lovato and Sheeran are a match made in heaven.

What do you think about Demi Lovato’s cover of “Give Me Love”?

[Image via J-14]