Demi Lovato Takes Issue With Haters Once Again On Twitter

Todd Rigney - Author

Aug. 23 2017, Updated 4:53 a.m. ET

Demi Lovato really wants everyone to cut out the jerky behavior.

The singer previously took some time out of her busy schedule to address the large number of haters who seem devoted to dragging her down. Since these folks didn’t learn their lesson the first time around, Lovato was forced to deal with the situation once again.

Here’s the story in a nutshell: If you spend the majority of your life antagonizing Demi Lovato on social media, then you probably need to find another hobby as soon as humanly possible. The young woman is completely fed up with your antics, so kindly take your negativity in a completely different direction.

“There’s nothing more upsetting and hurtful than people having no regards to someone’s private life and using the web to bring people down,” Lovato explained.

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Demi continued, “The things people do can affect/hurt others. Even if you don’t think I see things.. I’m not a celebrity, I’m an artist and most importantly human.”

The Inquisitr reported late last year that Demi Lovato discussed her problem with haters in a series of posts on Twitter. Although she’d hoped to get things under control in 2014, apparently people aren’t willing to leave her alone. Instead of focusing on the positive, these folks seem determined to bring her down.

“2014 equals health, fitness, strength, and music. It’s not about looking in shape, it’s about being emotionally and physically in shape from the inside out. Screw New Years, I’m starting now,” the singer told her fans and followers on the micro-blogging site.

Lovato continued:

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“Haters can only bother you if you aren’t doing anything to prove them wrong. I can’t sing? I’m singing on the treadmill and practicing my a** off. You think I’m fat? I’m already in the gym!!!!! You think I’m irrelevant? WATCH THA F*** OUT… 2014 I’m GOING IN with my music and touring!!!!!!! Nobody’s gonna stop my grind… LET’S DO THIS LOVATICS!!!!!! #PUMPED.”

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So what kind of nasty things do people say about Demi Lovato on Twitter? Check out some mean-spirited 140-character posts below. Why people decide to waste their time posting this nonsense is truly anyone’s guess.

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What do you think about all the hate Demi Lovato has to deal with on Twitter? Are you surprised people waste their time posting this sort of stuff online?


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