Ed Sheeran Working With Demi Lovato, Rising To The Top

Ed Sheeran is quickly climbing to the top of the pop music ladder. He’s sold millions of records internationally, he’s got a full length album coming out on June 23, he appeared in a commercial for Beats by Dre, and even got one of his songs on the soundtrack to The Fault In Our Stars movie. Believe it or not, Sheeran has never had a number one single in the UK, but that may be about to change.

According to Metro, Ed Sheeran’s song “Sing” is shooting to the top of charts. Sheeran’s track has sold 72,000 copies, which is 47,000 more than “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. If Ed Sheeran stays in the top spot by the end of the week, it will be a milestone in the singer’s career.

But Ed Sheeran doesn’t seem to be satisfied with simply selling his own music and working by himself. Ed’s been collaborating with a number of artists lately, from Timbaland to Jessie Ware. The latest musical partnership Sheeran has agreed to form is with pop starlet Demi Lovato. Unreality Primetime reported that Lovato and Sheeran had previously agreed to work together on some music. The trouble is getting Ed and Demi in the studio at the same time.

Lovato has said she’s “really excited” to work with Ed Sheeran but that the pair will have to plan ahead to make the collaboration happen. While in London, Lovato spoke to Capital FM about working with Ed:

“He’s just so talented so I’m really excited to work with him. He was supposed to be here this week, so we were gonna write. And now he’s not, so we’re trying to figure out a time when we can write together.”

According to EntertainmentWise, Ed Sheeran is taking the necessary steps to move the collaboration forward, telling Hollywire, “Yeah, we’ve been emailing each other so that’s a good step forward. I’ll be seeing her at the end of the month.”

Evidently the idea to work together came from a Twitter conversation. Demi Lovato posted a list of “dream collabs,” or names of people she wished she could sing with. Ed Sheeran replied, suggesting they work on a song together. Lovato exciteably agreed, tweeting, “I am SO down!!!!!!!”

Hopefully the artists can carve out a chunk of time from their busy schedules and put something together. It may only get more difficult as Ed Sheeran rises higher on the charts, making his time and talent more and more precious.

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