LTE Enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Arriving On Verizon July 28th

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is getting a big upgrade on July 28th, arriving at Verizon Wireless with LTE technology, adding true 4G to the company’s tablet offering.

There are going to be two models to choose from, the first option comes with a 16GB hard drive and runs $529.99 with a two-year data contract, while the second model offers 32GB for $629.99. Both models will also be available in grey and white color options.

Users who want to forgo LTE for WWAN can grab the off-contract unit for $499.99 (16GB).

Putting the true cost of the devices in perspective, 2GB plans run $30 per month, 5GB plans will cost you $50 and a 10GB will run $80 without tethering.

Given the cost of an iPad 2 and other semi-comparable items I suspect that a lot of customers will be looking elsewhere for better deals.