Sea Isle City Police Arrest Couple: Sea Sex Leads To Arrest, Lewdness Charges

Sea Isle City Police arrested a couple after some extreme PDA on a beach in New Jersey. The Philadelphia couple were in the water, attracting quite the crowd. According to, Matthew McPeak, 27, and Stephanie Wallington, 23, appeared to be having sex, and were called out of the water by police. Both were arrested for lewdness.

According to Phillymag,McPeak and Wallington were forced to get themselves together when police arrived on the shore. Wallington reportedly had some trouble getting her bikini back on — and then the two had to walk up on the beach and face onlookers who were in shock.

The Sea Isle City Police officers put handcuffs on both McPeak and Wallington, who went to the police station in their swimwear. Their ocean-romp could land both of them behind bars. Police issued summonses for lewdness and released them both. However, they will be forced to go to court and could face serious consequences for having sex in a public place. If they don’t go to jail, they could be forced to pay fines or do community service.

Believe it or not, couples are arrested for having sex in public on a regular basis. Sometimes the thrill of doing something “illegal” and “getting caught” encourages these acts. Some people do not even care about getting caught, perhaps turned on by the fact that they are putting on a sex show for others.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a couple in Florida was having sex on a restaurant table in front of other patrons — including children — back in 2012. That particular incident occurred at Paddy Murphy in Orlando. The manager told the couple to stop but when they didn’t listen, police were called. Witnesses chose not to talk to police about what they had seen, so no charges were brought against the couple. Perhaps not surprisingly, the couple also tried to leave the establishment without paying their tab. That got the man arrested. He and his woman got banned from the restaurant for a year. It is unknown if they have been back to Paddy Murphy’s since — or if they have been seen having sex in other restaurants since then. Sea Isle City Police and other stations in beach areas are always on the lookout for people engaging in inappropriate behavior.

Sometimes people don’t get caught and sometimes people don’t care about getting caught. However, the embarrassment of getting caught should be enough to deter people, don’t you think?

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