‘Battlefield: Hardline’ Xbox One To Achieve 1080p 60fps? Does This Include Multiplayer?

According to Visceral Games, Battlefield: Hardline on Xbox One will match the PlayStation 4 at 1080p 60fps. Most of us find this hard to believe because almost no Xbone titles have ever reached that benchmark and PS4 titles have only occasionally achieved it.

Could Electronic Arts’ developer for this year’s Battlefield simply be trolling us? It was made rather obvious when they released the last game in the series that they couldn’t even make the game work right, never mind reach the current gen goal for new titles. The only explanation from an outsider’s perspective is that they’ve had a chance to study the development kit and have found a way to push it like Nintendo did with Mario Kart 8.

This seems doubtful, since the game was revealed to support up to 32 players at once, and even PlayStation 4 games have a hard time maintaining that level of performance. The Battlefield: Hardline Xbox One version will have to exceed our expectations, and the previous claim that the console simply can’t achieve 1080p 60fps even with a hardware update.

Visceral Games’ Ian Milham believes it can be done, stating:

“If you look at the games that Visceral Games has made before, we have always strived for total parity between our platforms. Of course, the PC version, it will do whatever your PC can handle, and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions will obviously not be as high res as compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. But those two [PS4 and Xbox One] should be locked in together.”

Other developers like Bungie are saying the same thing, though it will require an update to the software development kit before the Xbone can handle that kind of performance. For Microsoft’s camp in the Xbox One vs. PS4 console war, we can only hope that the Battlefield: Hardline Xbox One version will live up to their expectations and exceed ours or Visceral Games may need to explain to disappointed gamers why they couldn’t do it.

[image via pcgamer]