‘Battlefield: Hardline’ Deluxe Edition Appears On PSN

The Battlefield: Hardline Deluxe Edition has been spotted on PSN and the technical details have been released, at least for what they have planned.

The latest in EA’s first person shooter series appears to be a cops and robbers comeback, focusing on military police situations instead of the usual soldiers in a war zone. Seemingly taking a page out of Payday, Electronic Arts will give you the option of playing as the criminal in a high-stakes heist while the police are attempting to block your every move. Much like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, it also gives you the option to play as the police themselves. Whether you want to be a hero or a criminal, the option is there.

As always, Battlefield: Hardline will focus on multiplayer gameplay, which we hope EA will be able to support with their servers this time. The servers have always been a problem with games they try to rush to the public, and yet, in spite of this, it’s still one of the most popular game series on the market.

The Battlefield: Hardline Deluxe Edition will allegedly come with various DLC including Versatility, Precision, and Suppression battle packs, each including various weapons and options. There will also allegedly be experience boosts included.

The gameplay resolution promises anywhere from 720p to 1080p, and up to 32 players will be supported in multiplayer scenarios. Again, we’re hoping they have the servers ready for such an ambitious goal. The 720p will most likely be the standard for smaller screens, the Xbox One will probably run at 900p or lower, while, if history has shown us anything, the 1080p could be the aim for the PlayStation 4 version. Both consoles are known to be capable of the 1080p 60fps benchmark, but not even Sony can promise to achieve it.

What else can we expect from the Battlefield: Hardline Deluxe Edition? We will know closer to the Battlefield: Hardline release date, which was revealed in the PSN screen shot to be October 25 this year, with the Xbox One version coming on December 31.

Keep in mind that it is still a few months from the game’s release and things can change, including the release date itself. This rather disturbing trend has erupted with several games, including Batman: Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Could it be that developers are discovering the need to put more time into their games to make the current generation titles worth the consumer’s dollar?

With what we know so far, are you planning to grab the Battlefield: Hardline Deluxe Edition?

[image via hdwallpapers]