Zayn Malik Forgets He’s In Edinburgh, Gives Shout Out To Manchester

Zayn Malik should take a good look around before name-checking cities on-stage.

One Direction recently performed in Edinburgh, a fact that seemed to have slipped Malik’s attention. Instead of giving some love to the folks who reside in Scotland’s capital city, Zayn decided to give a shout-out to Manchester. Thankfully, 1D fans are a forgiving lot.

According to The Huffington Post, it didn’t take long for Malik to realize he’d made a blunder. While some might point the finger of blame directly at Zayn’s marijuana habit, the singer said he made the gaffe because he was feeling a little under the weather.

The singer told the crowd:

“No! We’re not even in Manchester, we’re in Edinburgh, I’m so stupid. I’m really, really sorry. Just want to say a massive, massive thank you for bearing with us so far tonight. Sorry again. We all have really bad colds, and really sore throats, so we’re really sorry if our voices don’t sound great tonight. However, thank you for supporting us since The X Factor to this very day and you are the best fans in the world, so thank you for that.”

Poor Zayn Malik. Things aren’t going too well for the guy these days. In addition to forgetting he was actually performing for folks in Edinburgh, he recently had to contend with the fallout from the epic “weed scandal” that plagued the internet earlier this month.

To make matters worse, fiancé Perrie Edwards didn’t exactly give the guy a glowing review during a recent interview. According to Unreality TV, the Little Mix singer described Zayn as simply “average.” That’s definitely got to sting a little.

She also took a moment to discuss the irritating things Malik does from time-to-time. Careful, Perrie — it’s surprisingly easy to get some backlash from the singer’s legion of dedicated fans. Criticizing the guy is akin to tap dancing on extremely thin ice.

She explained:

“The only thing that gets on my nerves is if something funny happens, like at work with the girls, and I want to tell him about it and then he won’t ring until a few days later and I’m like ‘oh I had a funny story but now I have nothing to say.’ The moment has gone. It’s not funny anymore.”

Take care, Zayn Malik. Hopefully you’ll recover from that nasty bug before your next gig. And make sure to take in your surroundings before you start name-checking cities. Some places aren’t as forgiving as Edinburgh.

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