E3 2014: Sony Announced ‘Playstation TV’ For The US For Just $99

E3 2014 is going strong, and it seems that Sony and Microsoft are going toe-to-toe on what they have to offer. However, Sony has a little extra outside of the core gaming news that most video gamers are watching E3 2014 for. The show also holds plenty of reveals of the latest hardware, either it be peripherals, consoles, gadgets, etc. How this relates to Sony: PlayStation TV is heading to the western shores, and it is only $99!

According to an article by Yahoo, PlayStation TV is a comprehensive media player that will also provide support for classic PlayStation titles. Now that by itself will either be a win or a loss for some gamers. Either they like nostalgia or not, but that isn’t all the PlayStation TV has to offer. Alongside the ability to play the classics, PlayStation TV will support streaming channels such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime Instant Video. So far, there is no word if the WWE Network will be on it too, but most likely it will since it is available on the PS3 and PS4.

The Playstation TV is also an excellent addition for those who have a PS4. This is mostly for gamers who love to play LAN line games, especially shooters with teams, without having to shell out $400 for another PS4. Just like the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV can stream games and other media from another PS4 in the house.

Playstation TV

In another report by Mashable, two services the PlayStation TV provides that may be the coup de grâce is PlayStation Now and the ability to play PlayStation PSP and Vita games. First, PlayStation Now is Sony’s upcoming game-streaming service that will allow PlayStation TV to stream more than 100 PS3 titles in either a subscription or an à la carte format (as of yet, this is still to be determined). On its own, PlayStation Now may be the best reason to buy PlayStation TV, but adding the feature to play PSP and Vita games sells it.

A lot of gamers are actually upset there are certain PSP and Vita titles that they can’t play, simply because it is on the PSP or Vita. For the longest time, Sony fanboys who don’t like the Sony handhelds complained that Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice – including its fantastic updated version, which was reviewed here on The Inquisitr – were only available on Sony’s handheld. Now with PlayStation TV, these games are available to gamers without having to shell out two hundred for a system they may only use for one game.

All in all, the PlayStation TV is worthwhile for Sony fans who love games. This is of course not for everyone — especially Xbox and Nintendo fanatics — but it is a pretty cool “thank you” peripheral to the PlayStation loyal. As a matter of fact, PlayStation TV has been out in Japan for a long time now, and it is getting rave reviews.

The PlayStation TV is estimated to be available around Fall 2014. The peripheral by itself is $99, but you also need a Dualshock 3 controller (PS3 controller). There will also be a special package option for the PlayStation TV which includes the device, controller, memory card, and a voucher to download The Lego Movie Videogame at $139.

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