Elderly Man Pushed Out Of Atlanta Train [Video]

An elderly man was pushed off an Atlanta train on Saturday afternoon. Witnesses said a younger man took the senior citizen’s walker and pushed him out the door. Although the train was not moving, the man was injured when he fell onto the platform.

Authorities said the incident occurred on the MARTA Blue Line between the Edgewood and Kensington stations. Although a portion of the assault was captured on film, authorities are still trying to determine exactly what happened.

As reported by CBS News, the elderly man was “making derogatory comments” about several female passengers. Following a verbal confrontation, the younger man reportedly grabbed the older man’s walker and pushed him out the door.

One of the witnesses filmed the assault using his cell phone. As the clip begins, the elderly man is sitting near the door. He is approached by a younger man, who appears to be agitated.

When the younger man grabs his walker, the elderly man attempts to fight back. However, he is eventually overpowered. Although several passengers approach the two men, the younger man proceeded to push the elderly man out of the train.

Although the incident was filmed from inside the MERTA train, witnesses on the platform saw the man fall through the door and land on the platform.

As reported by 11 Alive News, Atlanta authorities are seeking further details and information about the assault. The incident is currently being reviewed by the MARTA police.

Passengers are concerned, as Saturday’s assault was the second incident in the last four weeks. Last month, several MERTA passengers were injured when a fight broke out. Although violent incidents are rare on the public trains, safety is an ongoing concern.

Thousands of passengers use the trains each week without incident. However, the recent assault has passengers on edge.

A MERTA spokesperson confirmed the incident occurred. However, they said “some big safety changes are coming.” The spokesperson said safety is the company’s number one priority.

As the film was released through social media, authorities have not confirmed the identity of the elderly man or his attacker.

Although numerous witnesses confirm the older man was making derogatory comments, it appears that the younger man went too far. Responding to a verbal assault with a physical attack is ill advised, as it can lead to criminal charges.

It is unclear how badly the elderly man was injured when he was pushed from the train, as his identity is currently unknown.

[Image via CMG Digital]