This Video Shows Why Not To Pester A Stingray Twice Your Size [VIDEO]

UPDATE: Just as this video was gaining traction, the man in the video came forward, explaining that it was all just a giant misunderstanding.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, seeing the shadow of his daughter’s kite in the water, the man decided to lunge at it. In what turned out to be a perfectly timed stunt, the kite then changed directions, allowing the man to avoid the “attack.”

Sending the video to three of his friends as a joke, the man says that the clip had found its way online before he knew it and was being labeled as a stingray attack.

The man assures everyone that “no kites were harmed in the making of the video,” adding that he has the utmost respect for “majestic” animals such as stingrays and would never attempt to harm one.

Video posted by the Gold Coast Bulletin shows footage that was not posted with the original YouTube footage, as viewers can clearly see the man walking through the shadow of the stingray shaped kite.

You can read the original post below.


Ever heard of the saying, “What goes around comes around”? Well, for one Australian swimmer, the saying officially become a reality as he was charged at by a giant stingray that he was pestering only moments before.

Swimming off the Gold Coast in Australia, the unidentified man was caught on video terrorizing what appears to possibly be an estuary ray, according to The Daily Mail.

For reasons unknown, the man can be seen diving at the stingray. Frightened by the ordeal, the animal retreats as the man advances. As the man deems that he has successfully completed his job of terrorizing the ray, the idea of sweet revenge offers an opportunity as the stingray lunges at the retreating man.

There is no information on the identity of the man, but witnesses say that neither the ray nor the man was harmed in the incident.