Amy Winehouse Private Funeral Planned For Tuesday

Family and friends of Amy Winehouse will have the opportunity to pay their respects to the Rehab singer on Tuesday when her family has planned a private funeral for the Grammy Award winning singer.

A family spokesperson has also announced that a public funeral will be held “as soon as possible.”

Coroners have not yet ruled Winehouse’s cause of death, however they have issued an interim death certificate so her family can at least make arrangements for her funeral.

It should be noted that Winehouse is Jewish and therefore tradition requires that her body be buried as quickly as possible after death.

In the meantime here’s one of the singer’s performances in remembrance of her amazing talent:

When she wanted to and was sober enough, she could definitely deliver some amazing passionate vocals to her fans, it’s just too bad she slipped so quickly and her talent was extinguished like so many other brilliant 27-year-old singers and songwriters.