Amy Winehouse’s death gains her membership in the strange 27 Club

Earlier today the news about the death of singer Amy Winehouse spread through the web like wildfire, helped along with a massive outpouring on Twitter.

While her death has been listed as unexplained it was announced that her autopsy will be taking place tomorrow but suspicion, due to her well documented addiction problems, is that she probably died from a drug overdose.

With her death though Winehouse joined a group of other musicians in a rather strange club called the 27 Club, or as it is also known as – the Forever 27 Club.

The entry requirement to this group is pretty simple – the musician needed to have died while they were 27 years old.

Apparently this is a club with some pretty illustrious members:

  • Brian Jones – Rolling Stones founder – drowned
  • Jimi Hendricks – asphyxiation from vomiting due to a combination of sleeping pills and wine
  • Janis Joplin – heroin overdose
  • Jim Morrison – The Doors – heart failure
  • Kurt Cobain – Nirvana – suicide

Those are just the more famous names in the group but so far there are apparently a total of 46 members, including Amy Winehouse.

The BBC news video about her death:

Her disastrous concert in Belgrade