Falling Statue Kills Toddler At Fisherman's Wharf In San Francisco

Heather Tooley

A falling statue killed a toddler while he played around it at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. The little boy was on vacation with his family from Utah when he met a tragic end at one of America's most popular destinations.

The occurrence happened Friday at the 200 block of Jefferson Street. Police responded to a call around 11:30 am outside a store where a dolphin statue fell over and hit 2-year-old Kayson Shelton. The child was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital, but he was pronounced dead that afternoon.

San Francisco Police spokesman Officer Gordon Shyy confirmed that the statue was responsible for killing the toddler, NBC News reports. The boy was with his mother, father, sister, and other relatives at Fisherman's Wharf. The Shelton family is from Draper Utah, which is close to Salt Lake City.

The business where the statue fell and killed the toddler was cited for "placing an object or merchandise on a sidewalk where it impedes pedestrian traffic," Shyy said. It's unknown how much the statue weighed.

The dolphin statue was 6-feet tall and fell outside Majestic Collection Art Gallery, according to Midland Daily News. The Shelton family were staying at a nearby hotel.

FOX News reports that Majestic Collection Art Gallery has turned surveillance video over to police. The gallery released this statement in regards to the young boy's death:

"This is an unfortunate and tragic incident. Majestic Collection is and has been co-operating with all investigative agencies. Our hearts and prayers are with the family."
"The last words he spoke in this life were 'I love you.' Such a beautiful and loving child, and while we are greatly comforted in the knowledge that families are forever, we will dearly miss his smiling face until then."

Bizarre and freak accidents rarely kill young children, but unfortunately it does happen. An Inquisitr article reported on another tragic event in which a toddler died from being trapped under a garage door in Maryland.

The Sheltons have returned to Utah since the death of their son. A statue that falls and kills a toddler would be one of the most dreadful things a parent can go through.

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Shelton Family / NBC News]