Shailene Woodley Wears A Disguise For ‘TFIOS’ Screening

Shailene Woodley apparently wanted to know what fans really thought of her new film, The Fault In Our Stars. At least, that’s one reason why she might have chosen to show up at a screening Saturday night – incognito. If fans caught a glimpse of the famous actress in the flesh, after all, who would give her a critique of the movie?

Her cover was blown several hours after the fact by costar Ansel Elgort, who posted a photo of Woodley on Instagram, wearing a long black curly wig and knit beanie. Whether snooping on fans was the real reason or not, Elgort tweeted the explanation:

Shai’s amazing disguise to go see #tfios last night without causing a scene!

— Ansel Elgort (@AnselElgort) June 8, 2014

Woodley’s co-star didn’t stop there, even tweeting about her source of munchies for the movie:

If theater owners are worried about losing popcorn revenue, Shailene Woodley can point to the box office numbers to get them to look the other way. Variety reports The Fault In Our Stars made $48.2 million this weekend, beating out the other big-name opening flick, Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow. Tomorrow brought in $29.1 million.

Theater owners might also forgive the popcorn incident if Shailene and Ansel paid for a ticket Saturday night. Despite the huge numbers, ticket sales fell in half for Stars between Friday and Saturday, dropping by 52 percent. It’s still a healthy return for TFIOS producers, since Stars cost a mere $12 million to make.

Shailene’s disguise, making the rounds of online publications today, would not have done much to dispel any fans who saw her close-up last night. As the Daily Mail pointed out, despite the long hair Woodley’s face was strikingly recognizable to anyone who might have faced her head-on.

MTV teased Woodley about the disguise today, stating the synthetic locks were not in line with Woodley’s notoriously nature-loving public persona. But the site’s writer, Alicia Lutes, mused that “we could also be very wrong: maybe her wig is actually made out of silkened sea kelp and wool she sheared and knit herself.”

Variety noted that the success of Stars, along with last Spring’s Divergent, solidifies Woodley’s place as a Hollywood A-lister. The Daily Beast was quick to predict that Stars was tailor-made for Woodley, sure to create the base for her continued success. Teo Bugbee wrote, “[a]s presented in the pages of John Green’s book, Hazel almost feels like she was written specifically with Woodley in mind.”

With comments like that, Shailene Woodley would almost seem to have little choice but to show up to the theater in disguise.