WWE News: Jim Ross Released From Hospital After Suffering ‘Stroke-Like Symptoms’

For many seasoned WWE fans, Jim Ross has been the voice of professional wrestling, primarily in the WWE, for over three decades. He established the pinnacle of calling matches way before Jerry “The King” Lawler, CM Punk, Tazz, Paul Heyman, or even today’s voice of the WWE, Michael Cole ever took on the headset. So it is of a highest concern that Jim Ross went to the hospital for stroke-like symptoms.

According to the original article on TMZ, Jim Ross was hospitalized on Thursday for the stroke-like symptoms. After a few days of extensive testing, doctors pinpointed the problem for the legendary WWE announcer. From the results, the doctors said Jim Ross suffered the stroke-like symptoms due to his meds for an unrelated medical issue.

The sequence of events starts when Jim Ross arrived home from a trip to Las Vegas. Either it be for official WWE business or pleasure is not stated, but once he got home, the legendary WWE commentator complained he wasn’t feeling too well. His wife told him to go to a nearby hospital in Oklahoma to get it checked out. Doctors ran a battery of test on Jim Ross and that is when they ultimately determined the stroke-like symptoms were caused by certain medications he’d been taking. Doctors also informed Jim Ross that he had suffered a minor misdiagnosed stroke too.

For the WWE, both the WWE Universe and WWE corporate, this is a major issue, even if the stroke is considered to be “minor.” Despite retiring from WWE back in September 11, 2013 (or possible termination because of his actions alongside Ric Flair at the WWE 2K14 roster announcement), Jim Ross is first a beloved figure in WWE history, and he is a WWE hall of famer. Also, Jim Ross suffers from Bell’s Palsy, which at times results in temporary paralysis of his facial muscles. This means that any central nervous system issue he experiences is of a high concern.

Nevertheless, the doctors have given Jim Ross new medication and are confident they fixed the situation. They released him last night, Saturday evening, after which the WWE legend issued the following statement:

“I’m not ready to tag out just yet.”

In article by Fansided, once Jim Ross got home, he sent out a tweet to everyone – friends, family, and the WWE Universe – and thanked them for their support.

Welcome home Jim Ross! You’ve done some unbelievable commentary in the WWE, as well as Miguel’s leg drop on stage! Blessings of good health to the WWE legend as he continues to recover from this incident.

[Image via WWE promotionals]