WWE News: WWE Superstar John Cena Injured, How Long Will He Be Out?

Pro-Wrestling might be scripted entertainment, but it is clearly not the easiest thing to do. Wrestlers can get hurt at any time and sometimes those injuries can be very severe. The worst thing for the WWE is to see a top star go down with an injury, and it seems that the WWE is riddled with a plague of injuries this summer.

First, Daniel Bryan, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, went down to a neck injury. He is now recovering from a successful neck procedure but still cannot compete. CM Punk left the WWE, not because of severe injuries that made it impossible to wrestle, but he was still nursing several nagging injuries from years of bumps and bruises in the ring.

Now, it seems that the face of the company, John Cena, might be out for a while. At a live event, both he and newcomer Adam Rose were injured. Rose was lucky, only having been busted open a bit. It was enough to cause noticeable damage, and assistance had to come to the ring to help to stop the bleeding.

Cena’s injury, on the other hand, may be more severe. In a match with Bray Wyatt, he seemed to get hit in the head pretty hard.

According to sources at the event, “the ref threw up the signal, causing two trainers to come out and check on him for several minutes. Cena worked the rest of the No Holds Barred match, which involved several foreign objects and was physical, and then left straight to the back after the show without the usual celebration with the live crowd.”

If Cena does have a concussion, this would be a big blow for the WWE. Usually, a talent is out around a month with something like this, sometimes longer. It depends on if they can pass the ImPACT Test. The test helps to determine whether or not a person has recovered from a concussion or any Traumatic Brain Injury for that matter. It tests reflexes, the way you think, and much more.

If the tests come back positive for a lingering concussion, the athlete will not be cleared to return to action medically. If they do, it will be at their own risk, and obviously, they are responsible for their actions and the doctor will not be liable.

Despite the concussion, WWE still may not have to do without Cena. While he may have a headache, if he can do a reasonable job on promos and interviews, the WWE will use him as a talker while he recovers from his concussion.

This mostly hurts the WWE World Heavyweight Title plans. The idea was to have Cena and Orton as back-ups to win the MITB ladder match if Bryan did not come back to wrestle Kane in a Stretcher Match. Clearly, if Cena cannot wrestle now, he would not be in the MITB match.

Right now, WWE does not have all the members for the match set. They are rumored to be stacking the Ladder match, so that regardless of what happens, a new champion would be good to go. Cena was in those plans as his rivalry with Wyatt was said to have ended at Payback after their Last Man Standing match, which Cena won.

Obviously, John Cena is either the backup or first choice for a lot of WWE ideas. So, if he is out for a bit, that could hurt the WWE.

We will have to see where WWE goes, though. If they plan to use Cena in a major way, we will probably find out this week. If they see that he cannot wrestle for a while, rewrites may be underway. Obviously, a John Cena injury was the last thing the WWE needed right now.

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