Anchorage Officials kill Snowzilla

Snowzilla, the giant Alaskan snowman who had become a famous annual attraction in Anchorage is no more, after city officials decided to ban his building this year.

Snowzilla started in 2005 when Anchorage local Billy Powers decided he wanted to build something special for Christmas. The giant snowman, originally 16 feet (5m) tall but slightly bigger in following years gained national, then international attention, bringing camera crews from as far away as Japan and Russia to film Snowzilla in the wild.

The success though caused other issues: neighbors weren’t very happy about the traffic, and city officials decided that Snowzilla was a public nuisance and safety hazard.

A cease-and-desist order was issued, and signs posted at the foot of the yet unbuilt Snowzilla, and attached to the Davis’ front door.

Sadly the Davis’ don’t plan to challenge the order. The grinch at the Anchorage City Council was unavailable for comment.