No Sympathy For Mick Jagger After Being Spotted With Sexy Brunette

Photos of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger sharing a hotel room with a young brunette in a Zurich hotel emerged last week. The photo was taken just 3 months after his girlfriend of 13 years, model and fashion designer L'Wren Scott, committed suicide in her New York apartment.

The photos show Jagger sitting on the balcony of his hotel room with a young brunette kissing the back of his head.

When Scott committed suicide, there were speculations that she was depressed about her relationship with the rocker, as they had been together for a long time, but no ring was in sight. Others said that they had broken up before she died, but Mick Jagger said otherwise. The Rolling Stones was on tour when the suicide happened and they re-scheduled the rest of the tour to give Jagger time to grieve.

After Scott's suicide, Mick reportedly locked himself in a hotel room while the rest of the Rolling Stones cancelled their gigs in New Zealand and Australia.

Scott's sister, Jan Shane, is attacking Jagger. "These pictures make me really wonder what Mick is really thinking and feeling. His daughter says that he is still heartbroken and so devastated about losing my sister – and then you see these photos. He will never change. And people wonder why L'Wren was so depressed?" Shane said.

NY Daily News reported that Jagger picked up the woman he was with at a nightclub where she worked as a waitress.

Shane's backlash on Jagger comes 7 weeks after they have reconciled. According to Mirror UK, Shane and Jagger had an argument when he and L'Wren's brother, Randall, banned her from attending the Los Angeles memorial for her sister. However, Jagger and Shane sorted out their differences when Mick invited her to a memorial service in New York.

"My brother Randy reached out to me, upon Mick's request, to invite me to the memorial. I think there was an element of guilt that I wasn't invited to the funeral in LA," Shane said then.

A source close to the band defended Jagger and said, "He has worked very hard to get the Stones back on the road. He's a single man and he's having some fun."

"Well at least my sister is happy now. She is with mum and dad in heaven and not hurting in any way now," Shane said.

Rolling Stones resumed their "14 on Fire" tour in Norway at the end of May.

[Images via Mirror UK / Panora News]