2011 Milwaukee Brewers mid season review

The Milwaukee Brewers have a 54-48 record and fins themselves in first place in the National League Central. However, they only have a 20-17 record against their five divisional opponents, and that includes just a 5-8 record against the Cincinnati Reds. They also went just 6-9 in interleague play. So, they are in first, but overall this division seems a little weak. Maybe not the weakest division and the odds here are tough with six teams, but a weaker one none the less.

The Brewer offense has scored 442 runs on 877 hits. Both of those numbers hover in the top half of the 16 NL clubs. Their team batting average is .256 and that is sixth best in their league. Brewers hitters have struck out 691 times and that is the fifth most in the senior circuit. They have drawn 301 walks, and that is the fifth fewest. Their approach at the plate may need some work, based on these numbers.

The Pitching staff has given up 450 runs on 884 runs. Both of those numbers are near the bottom in their league. Brewer pitchers have struck out 798 batters, and that is third best in the NL, They have also issued 291 walks, which is the third lowest. That seems to indicate that this pitching staff throws a lot of strikes and challenges hitters, but their opponents put the ball in play a lot.

As a first place team, they do not seem to match up very well, but they do pull a power move and trade for Francisco Rodriguez and that could very much help a shaky bullpen. Closer John Axford has been very good, but getting to him as been something of an issue.

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