Mona Freeman Dead From Illness: Actress Did Not Even Like Acting Very Much, But Loved To Paint

With Mona Freeman dead, Hollywood is remembering an actress whose career spanned a good part of the entire movie industry.

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The actress starred in films like The Heiress, Dear Ruth, I Was a Shoplifter, Till We Meet, Again Together Again, Mother Wore Tights, Streets of Laredo and Angel Face. Freeman also appeared in many TV productions, including The United States Steel Hour, Playhouse 90, Maverick, Perry Mason, Checkmate, and The Millionaire. Mona also toured with Edward G. Robinson in a 1958 production of the play, Middle of the Night.

Freeman was well known in the 1940s and 1950s as a young actress who played the role of spunky young girls after launching her career as a teenage model in New York City. Yet despite being typecasted, she believed she could have portrayed “wildcats, brazen women, the menacing side of the triangle.” By the time she reached age 30, she had become tired of always playing roles as a teenager:

“It was fine for a while. Casting directors had only to find my agent’s number to fill that type of role. But just like driving the same road day after day, they’ve become a bore to me.”

This apparent boredom spread to her choice of career:

“I didn’t dislike acting, but when I no longer needed the money I lost all interest. I haven’t even seen some of my pictures.”

By 1961, Mona had devoted herself to painting portraits on commission. Freeman even had her own art studio at home and owned an art gallery. Mona’s most popular piece of artwork hangs in See’s Candies shops across the United States and depicts a portrait of kindly, bespectacled candy matriarch Mary See.

Mona Freeman died from a lengthy illness at her Beverly Hills home according to her daughter, Mona Hubbell. She was born in Baltimore on June 9, 1926 and lived to the age of 87.

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