North Korea Detains American Jeffrey Edward Fowle Over His Bible

North Korea has detained an American, whom they identify (in Korean) as Jeffrey Edward Fowle, on the charge of leaving a Bible in his hotel room when he was preparing to leave North Korea. North Korea’s detention of Fowle brings the total to three Americans in North Korean custody. At least one other prisoner – Kenneth Bae – is also imprisoned in North Korea for allegedly engaging in religious activities – activities North Korea deems as hostile to the state, according to a Yahoo! News report.

You can read about Bae’s North Korean imprisonment in related articles in The Inquisitr, which detail how he came to be imprisoned and attempts by a US envoy, a sports agent, and eventually Dennis Rodman to encourage North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to release him. Nothing should be considered bizarre anymore from a country that forces women to drown their babies.

Americans have expressed outrage at the imprisonment of Bae, who has been made to engage in hard labor despite having life threatening health problems that could be aggravated by heavy physical work. It remains to be seen whether Americans will rise to express outrage that another American citizen – Jeffrey Edward Fowle – has been detained, and very well may be imprisoned for leaving a Bible in his North Korean hotel room.

According to an ABC News report, the Korean Central News Agency released this statement:

“The U.S. citizen, who entered the DPRK (North Korea) on April 29 as a tourist, engaged in activities (allegedly, leaving a Bible in his hotel room) that were in breach of DPRK’s laws.”

The US State Department has confirmed that they have been informed about a third American who is being detained in North Korea, but they have yet to say what they intend to do about it or if more details will be released.

According to a Reuters report, North Korea often detains Americans as a way to attract visits from notable Americans. The communist country has been making significant efforts in recent years to boost tourism. Jeffrey Edward Fowle, the American being detained for leaving a Bible in his hotel room, had travelled to North Korea with a tourist group. It is unclear whether or how North Korea expects actions like arresting an American for leaving a Bible behind to boost tourism to the impoverished, third world communist country.

What do you think? How should the United States respond to its citizen – Jeffrey Edward Fowle – being detained and possibly imprisoned for leaving a Bible in a hotel room?