Dennis Rodman Asks Kim Jong Un To Release Kenneth Bae

Dennis Rodman tweeted a message to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday and asked his good buddy to release Kenneth Bae, an American citizen who is detained in North Korea. Bae was sentenced to 15-years of hard labor after being convicted on charges of unspecified hostility towards the country.

Rodman visited North Korea in February and spent time with the country’s dictator. Before leaving, he told Kim Jong Un that he had “a friend for life.”

Now the retired NBA-star has a request for his newest pal; one that won’t be given up that easy. North Korea has stated that they would use Kenneth Bae as a bargaining chip with the United States if ever necessary. Until then, Bae will remain imprisoned in North Korea.

Nevertheless, Rodman took to Twitter after the Seattle Times ran an editorial piece and the headline says it all: “Dennis Rodman should ask pal Kim Jong Un to release Kenneth Bae.”

It actually worked and Dennis Rodman sent a message to Kim Jong Un asking him to do just that. The harsh dictator has yet to respond to his “life-long friend,” and there’s not a person in America who can’t wait to hear it once he does.

Rodman’s request may break the bond of friendship between the two, but as the saying goes, it couldn’t hurt to ask. Here’s Rodman’s request to Kim Jong Un:

He also recognized the Seattle Times for bringing the question to his attention:

Now America will wait and see if Kim Jong Un has a response. Dennis Rodman will wait as well, though the tension between North Korea and the United States isn’t going to help one bit.

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