Adorable! Peter The Elephant Shows You How To Work A Galaxy Note

Peter the Elephant, for those of you who haven’t heard of him, is an adorable elephant with a love for taking selfies with his Galaxy Note.

The gentle giant is making a splash on the Internet this week after his video — originally posted in 2012 — made the front page of Reddit in GIF form.

After a Reddit commenter posted the entire video, it really took off and has amassed close to three million views at the time of this writing.

The video opens with Peter the Elephant making his song selection, much to the surprise of his handler.

He then does a little dance and wails on the piano app. Next up, it’s a stop with the photos, and then a move on to guitar.

(Apparently, the big guy really likes his music.)

He uses his trunk much like you or I would our fingers, and he’s just as effective, but he never forgets who the Galaxy Note belongs to and is quick to hand it back to his handler when prompted.

As cute as all of that is, though, nothing quite prepares us for the ending when he works with the stylus and takes what is probably the most awesome selfie ever recorded.

Enough rambling, though. Have a look for yourself:

While it’s YouTube, and that means you’re definitely going to have your share of evil, soulless commenters hiding behind their anonymity, most of the nearly 7,000 comments were positive.

Jacob Nicholson: “Bigger is Better! #Awesome #Elephant plays with a #GalaxyNote, makes me proud to be an owner of such an animal friendly device lol :)”

Phillip Landmeier: “Okay, now I’ve seen everything. :-)”

CarlAllenPL: “it is amazing!…. I’ve popped my eyes seeing this.”

And our favorite, from kentasxxxx: “And my grandma cant even use nokia 3310, sad”

Call us a bunch of old softies, but we’ve really been on a cute animal kick as of late, just in case you’re wanting more.

Recently, our own Jonathan Vankin guided us on a tour of 15 photos in which animals step out of their furry selves and act like people.

And today on our Facebook page, we’ve gathered quite a few “Awwws” over a baby goat video that found the little guy reaching deep down within himself to make a bigger racket.

We’ll let you guys decide which is cuter, but for now make sure you’ve given Peter the Elephant the respect he deserves and click that play button if you haven’t already!