Oprah Scandal: Multi-Billionaire Oprah Winfrey Evicts Poor Step-Mom

Oprah Winfrey, according to Forbes.com, is worth $2.9 Billion. Yes, Billion! That is why it is so interesting that Oprah Winfrey is evicting her Step-mom, Barbara Winfrey, from her home per Inside Edition.

Winfrey bought the $1.4 million dollar home for her dad, Vernon and step-mom, Barbara when they wed back in 2001. And the couple have lived in the house ever since. All that changed when the couple filed for divorce in 2012.

Barbara, a 66-year-old retired school guidance counselor, has made claims against Oprah’s dad that have upset Oprah. According to DailyMail.co.uk Oprah is actually stunned by the allegations made against her father. Such allegations include Oprah’s step-mom claiming that Vernon had multiple affairs with prostitutes throughout their marriage, including one with a woman called “One Tooth.” Yeah, she sounds attractive.

Vernon also stated in the documents that he apologized to his wife once she discovered he was having an affair according to NY Post. How galant of him.

Oprah‘s step-mom also claims Vernon threatened to shoot her, and said he was blackmailed about a sordid sex tape, per DailyMail.co.uk.

However, what is interesting is that Oprah’s father actually filed papers according to NY Post admitting his guilt that he had in fact had an affair during their marriage, and he confessed that he “may have chased her waving a handgun during an argument “five or six months ago.” But he had since gotten rid of the gun. He “may have?” Isn’t that something you would remember? But he avidly remembers disposing of the gun.

While Oprah’s dad also claims his bank account is overdrawn and that he only earns $282 per month per NY Post, Oprah’s step-mom claims he receives $25,000 every three months from a trust that Oprah has set up for him. Oprah’s step-mom says she is seeking support and her right to remain living in the home.

Oprah Winfrey was having none of that. Oprah told her step-mom she would put her in a much smaller house nearby for free if she would sign a confidentiality agreement, which Barbara refused to do according to Inside Edition.

Oprah’s step-mom says she does not want any of Oprah’s money, she just wants Oprah to do what is right and let her stay in what has been her home for thirteen years. Once Oprah’s step-mom refused the offer of the other house and did not sign the confidentiality agreement, Oprah’s offer was rescinded and the eviction notice was posted to Barbara’s front door the day after the divorce was finalized per Inside Edition. Oprah gave her 60 days to vacate the premises which ended on May 29.

Barbara Winfrey was in fact forced from the property. At the time of her last interview with Inside Edition she had all her belongings in a U Haul and was not certain where she would be living. With the huge heart Oprah has exhibited with her TV show audiences over the years and starting a school in Africa among many other charitable donations, is it unreasonable for Oprah Winfrey to just let her step-mom have the house?

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