Xbox One Controller Drivers Are Here For PC Gamers

Ever since the Xbox One controller was redesigned for maximum comfort and utility, Microsoft had been hounded with one last update. Thanks to new PC drivers, that update is here.

The gamer crowd which calls itself the “master race” will finally be able to use Microsoft’s current gen controller with their action games. Not everybody likes using the keyboard and mouse for their competitive first person shooters, and Microsoft is well aware of it. There is a certain simplicity in having fewer buttons in your hands, with instant access to what happens in the game that eliminates the guesswork which comes with jumping right into digital downloads like the ones from Steam.

The Xbox One controller might not work so well with real time strategy PC games or some puzzle types, but for newer titles like Assassin’s Creed IV and Call of Duty: Ghosts, it may just feel a lot more comfortable to actually use the console controller.

Unfortunately for the inventive types who probably spent a bunch of money on workarounds to use their favorite controller anyway, their efforts and expense are now in vain. If you prefer the PS4 controller, you’ll still need the workaround, but now Microsoft‘s camp doesn’t have to.

After the recent Xbox One update and price drop, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, it seems Microsoft might just catch up with Sony and win the Xbox One vs PS4 console war in 2014. The Kinect has been taken out of the bundle so the Xbone will now sell at the same price as the PlayStation 4, and the video streaming services have finally been taken out from behind the paywall. Add to this the new Games with Gold addition which allows gamers to play new games for free as long as their subscription is active, and Sony might be the one needing to play catch-up by the end of the year.

You can download the drivers to use the Xbox One controller on PC by clicking here.

As the consoles battle it out, PC gamers will now be able to use Microsoft’s current gen controller to make their own games that much better. Now PC gamers just need a more stable copy of Watch Dogs.

[image via neoseeker, gigagamers]