Zayn Malik Has A Big Problem With Harry Styles [Rumor]

Zayn Malik is apparently not too happy with Harry Styles these days.

If you’re the sort of individual who needs One Direction drama to keep you going through the week, then you have plenty of motivational fuel at your disposal these days. In addition to the Malik and Louis Tomlinson’s marijuana scandal, fans can sink their teeth into rumors that Zayn isn’t at all happy with Harry.

Before continuing, let’s make one thing clear: what you’re about to read is probably nothing more than a steaming pile of celebrity gossip. Since the news arrives courtesy of an anonymous source, it’s safe to say that there might be no truth to the words you’re about the consume. In short: try to keep things in perspective before choosing a side in the matter.

According to the folks over at Sugarscape, Zayn Malik believes that Styles spends a bit too much time worrying about himself. As a result, there’s friction taking place behind-the-scenes. While they might look like best buddies when they’re in the public eye, the website claims this isn’t necessarily true when they’re enjoying some downtime.

Here’s what the insider had to say on the matter:

“It’s Zayn and Louis against the others — Harry, Liam and Niall are furious. They had a dramatic meeting last week and Harry was the first to lash out, telling them they’d messed everything up. But Zayn turned it around on Harry and accused him of only being interested in himself. Poor Niall has been in tears — he’s worried this could be the end of the band.”

If there’s truly some animosity taking place between Zayn Malik and his bandmate, then it’s obviously not enough to squash the group’s plans for a new album and tour. In fact, Malik’s fiancé Perrie Edwards recently told Metro that One Direction’s busy schedule ultimately led to the postponement of their wedding.

Edwards told the publication:

“But after that, once it starts dying down a little bit touring-wise, we’ll be able to get into it. It makes it a bit more exciting because you don’t get to see each other, so when you do see each other, you get butterflies. It’s nice. It would be hard if we didn’t feel like they were worth it.”

Since Simon Cowell seems to think Zayn Malik and the One Direction fellas are doing okay, it’s best to take his word for it. Even Liam Payne thinks the group is doing just fine. Until the bands publicly implodes, take all of this nonsense with a grain of salt. As always.

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