Frustrated Dad, Craig Rovere, Holds Up Controversial Sign To 'Warn' Speeding Drivers

A dad named Craig Rovere was frustrated with people speeding down the street where his kids often play. In his neighborhood in Wayne, New Jersey, there are a lot of children who like to play outside, according to AOL. Whether they are running after a soccer ball or playing tag, the kids don't always pay attention to the cars passing by -- but the drivers of the cars (especially those that are speeding) don't always pay attention to the kids either.

Rovere said that he got fed up with people speeding down the street once he noticed that a sign he had put outside (that was shaped like a child holding a little flag) was apparently hit by a car. So Rovere decided to make his own sign.

Craig Rovere's "custom made" sign read, "Warning: If you hit one of these kids because you are speeding you will not need a lawyer." Below the writing there was a picture of a gun. While Rovere says that he never intended to hurt anyone, he was forced to take the sign down. Not only did he put it up on public property, but the sign drew a ton of complaints. Even still Rovere defended his decision.

He explained:

"We had one of the little signs that's shaped like a kid out here with the little flag and I came home one day and it was run over. So that's sort of the last straw. It's a hot button issue and that was the idea. I needed something -- you know, just a sign that says 'slow down' wouldn't work."
According to WPTV, Craig Rovere said that speeding in the area has gone down -- and that he will keep his sign down as long as things stay that way.

In other related news, a controversial sign has made waves in Alabama and around the country. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a billboard in Opelika featured an Adolf Hitler quote. The billboard space was rented by Life-Savers Ministries, but apparently the church didn't see a problem with the material that was in large letters for all to see. The quote read: "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future." And it's not like the people didn't know that this was a Hitler quote because right next to the quote was his name. "Adolf Hitler."

In any case, both "signs" were controversial (perhaps one more so than the other). Do you think Craig Rovere's sign was inappropriate? What about the Alabama billboard?