This Barack Obama Workout Video Will Inspire You Or Not: Watch

This secret Barack Obama workout video is making the rounds on the internet.

The covert footage was taken as the president exercised yesterday at a the gym of a Marriott hotel in Warsaw, Poland, with weights and on an eliptical machine.

Although the video embedded below only a snippet, Obama reportedly spent a half hour in the hotel gym pumping iron during his overseas trip.

Given the many controversies engulfing the Obama administration, the release of this video — which apparently first surfaced on Facebook — seems rather light weight, as it were.

FNC’s Greta Van Susteren seemed very upset that this video has surfaced for security reasons: “This is dangerous!!! What is wrong with the Secret Service???!!???… As you know, President Obama is traveling in Europe. These pics appeared in a Polish tabloid. The Secret Service job is to keep the President safe. How could the Secret Service possibly let this happen? If you can reach the President with a camera lens like this …you know more sinister things can happen. This is once again, our Secret Service failing us (and once again, in an overseas trip.) Time to clean house at the Secret Service.”

Van Susteren was alluding to the fact that the Secret Service has been rocked by several scandals in which agents allegedly neglected their duties in favor partying with hookers.

A Secret Service representative downplayed the whole Obama workout thing, however. “Hotel guests were not asked to leave the gym during this off the record movement, nor were they asked to refrain from taking pictures.” The spokesman added that “all guests entering the hotel went through a security screening, and Secret Service agents were nearby as Obama worked out.”

Obama previously claimed that he exercises six days a week. George W. Bush also went to the gym reguarly for which — unlike Obama — he was criticized by some elements of the mainstream media for supposedly neglecting his presidential duties. You may recall during the 2012 presidential election, Paul Ryan’s jacked-up devotion to p90x workouts created a lot of buzz. GOP Rep. Ryan, an admitted physical fitness freak, was Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate.

Are you impressed with the Barack Obama presidential exercise regimen based on this video?