Game Of Thrones: Language Course in Dothraki Now Official

When people were first introduced to the HBO series, Game of Thrones, people – primarily fans of the book – were wondering how the Dothraki language would sound. The mother tongue of Khal Drogo sounded aggressive and commanding, just like the Dothraki people themselves. Now people have the chance to learn the Dothraki langauge themselves in the Living Language Series.

According to an article by IGN, HBO Global Licensing and Living Language are teaming up to make Living Language Dothraki Dictionary, with online courses and a mobile app. They will be available for sale on October 7. The official title of the Dothraki language course is called Living Language Dothraki. This will give all the series fans a chance to speak like Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen. Maybe the dudes can woo their “moons of their lives” in this harsh Dothraki tongue. It may work you know.

drogo and daenerys

The Living Language Dothraki official guide will have over 500 words and phrases, including never-before-heard material and words coined exclusively for the Dothraki course. Like traditional language courses, users will learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and even cultural notes. A good example of Dothraki culture is to never call a Dothraki warrior an “anifak” which means “walker”. Why? It is the ultimate insult because it implies he can no longer ride his horse. Taking note that the Dothraki take pride in their horse-riding, it makes sense.

Right now, there will be three versions of the Dothraki Langauge Course readily available when October 7 rolls around:

  1. Living Language Dothraki ($19.99): Includes a Dothraki language guide and audio CD featuring 200 Dothraki words and phrases. Retail store and HBO Shop version.
  2. Living Language Dothraki Expanded Online Course ($30.00): Adds additional Dothraki vocabulary and grammar, including 500 words and phrases. Interactive quizzes and game added too. Only available at Living Language Website.
  3. Living Language Dothraki Companion Mobile App ($3.99): Featuring 15 thematic flash card decks. Available in the App Store for Apple Devices.

However, if someone cannot wait to learn the Dothraki language, Tongues of Ice and Fire started on the language long ago, and they also include Valyrian. They have a Dothraki/Valyrian language wiki, forums, and an unofficial Dothraki dictionary that is updated frequently. Unfortunately, since this is an “unofficial” site, some of what they worked hard on may be overturned by the “official” release.

Does speaking the language of a fictitious nomad race entice you? Are you a fan of the series Game of Thrones, or the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, in which learning Dothraki sounds like a welcome challenge?

[Images via Screenshots of Game of Thrones]