Kate Middleton Controversy: Duchess Attends Wedding At Hotel Owned By Anti-Gay Sultan Of Brunei

Kate Middleton is standing by her family, even if it means kicking up a bit of controversy.

The Duchess of Cambridge recently attended the wedding of her cousin at London’s Dorchester Hotel, which is owned by the controversial Sultan of Brunei. The hotel, part of the Dorchester Collection chain that also includes a location in Los Angeles, has been part of a high-profile boycott led by some big names from the worlds of fashion and entertainment.

The boycott started after the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, enacted strict laws making homosexuality and adultery punishable by death by stoning. Several celebrities have joined the cause, including Stephen Fry, Richard Branson, Paul and daughter Stella McCartney, and Vogue chief Anna Wintour.

While the move may have generated controversy, Kate Middleton may not have had much choice in the matter. The wedding — between her first cousin Adam Middleton and now-wife Rebecca Poynton — was held in the hotel’s swanky penthouse, leaving her the choice to either attend and break the boycott or turn her back on her family.

The royal family is remaining officially silent on the controversy. A spokesman for Kensington Palace told The Hollywood Reporter that they would not comment on Kate’s “personal activities.”

It seems that Kate Middleton was at least aware of the controversy her appearance would cause. She arrived to the hotel in a blacked-out limousine that went to an underground car park to avoid the photographers that constantly trail her.

But British gay rights activist Peter Tatchell tweeted about Kate’s appearance, setting off the controversy in the British press.

Those opposing the boycott have reportedly been boosted by Kate’s appearance.

“The wedding was a big boost for the hotel,” an insider told the UK’s Daily Mail. “It shows that the royals will not let the Brunei business keep them away.”

While Kate Middleton was attending her cousin’s wedding and breaking the boycott of the Sultan of Brunei’s hotel chain, husband Prince William was reportedly off playing polo with his brother Harry.