Cheryl Cole Has Zero Tolerance For Twitter Troublemakers

Cheryl Cole thinks people who spend time harassing celebrities on social media are the scum of the earth.

If the singer’s name isn’t immediately familiar to you, then don’t feel like you’re missing out on some huge industry secret. While Cole is pretty popular overseas, a lot of folks who reside in the US probably aren’t overly familiar with her work. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should start shooting nasty message to the woman on Twitter.

According to India Today, Cheryl Cole doesn’t have any time to waste on trolls who spend all their free time stirring up trouble online. Although her recent declaration will probably inspire a new wave of hate to wash over her accounts, Cole is standing firmly behind her position on the matter.

“Firstly, I only follow nice, positive people. Secondly, if someone takes the time to follow me and write a horrible comment, I just think, ‘Oh, loser, get a life’. What are you doing on my feed?’ So no, I’ve learnt not to take any notice, in this business you cannot,” Cole recently explained to Bang Showbiz.

She added, “Twitter can be twisted by the media. I might write something and it can be taken completely out of context. But Instagram can’t be. I use it to tell my fans about what’s going on in my life and the things that I like.”

In other words, don’t post stuff like this:

Instead of messing with the singer on social media, why not do something positive and take an interest in her career? A good place to start is her upcoming single, which Cheryl Cole intends to unleash on the world in the very near future.

Digital Spy reports that Polydor Records will unveil “Crazy Stupid Love” on July 20. Cole reportedly teamed up with English rapper Tinie Tempah to bring the track to life. Fans who reside in the UK can expect to hear the song on certain radio stations this Monday (June 2).

“I can’t remember being so excited to be releasing new music. After taking some time out I feel brand new and I had such a special time making this record,” she explained.

Are you a fan of Cheryl Cole? Are you surprised that people spend so much time sending nasty message to the singer on Twitter?

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