Police Arrest Customer Who Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Up Burger King Over Stale Cinnabon

A South Carolina woman who claimed she would shoot up Burger King over a stale Cinnabon roll has been located and taken into custody by local police.

Burger King’s new advertising slogan is “Be Your Way” (replacing “Have It Your Way”), but it’s unlikely that the fast-food chain had this particular form of “self-expression” in mind.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, on May 13 the dissatisfied customer accompanied by two friends quarreled with the Mount Pleasant, S.C., Burger King store staff over the insufficiently fresh cinnamon pastry treat.

Things reportedly got unpleasant in Mount Pleasant, which is in a Charleston suburb. Part of the problem may have been that the manager or another worker disclosed that there was only one Cinnabon left in the place. “Witnesses told police that three women were ahead of them in line when one of them began yelling at an employee that the cinnamon bun she was served was not fresh. The witness said the employee yelled back at the customer that there was only one left.”

The trio subsequently exited the fast-food eatery, but the customer in question came back into the store and according to the police report, threatened that she was going “shoot everyone” and “shoot down the place.” Although the suspect’s hand was reportedly in her purse when she issued the threat, witnesses saw no weapon.

When employees said they were calling 911, she left the restaurant and drove off with her companions in a white Dodge Charger. Responding officers were unable to track down the vehicle at the time. Witnesses provided police with the license plate number which enabled the follow-up investigation.

The suspect, identified as Andrea Ann McCullough, 33, was taken into custody on Wednesday, the Post and Courier reported. McCullough faces a misdemeanor charge of second-degree assault and battery, which carries a penalty of up to three years in jail for a conviction. She posted bail in the amount of $10,000 and was released.

On its website, Burger King indicates that Cinnabons are baked fresh daily.

[image credit: Btotanes]