Cinnamon Roll Gone Wrong, Woman Threatens To Shoot Up Burger King

On May 13, a group of three woman entered a South Carolina Burger King. After they had ordered and sat down to eat, one of them started yelling about her cinnamon bun not being fresh enough.

The employees of the restaurant reported that the women also began to complain about the Burger King's customer service and that they became more infuriated when they found out that was the last cinnamon bun.

The manager went to talk to them about the stale cinnamon roll and things seemed to settle down. It was reported that, after the manager had talked to them, the three women walked out of the restaurant. But then the three women apparently stormed back in and that's when the real trouble started.

Witnesses told WCBD News 2, "One of the women started complaining that her cinnamon bun wasn't fresh, or something like that." According to police records the women then left the Burger King establishment but came back later. One of the woman said that she would "shoot everyone" and that she was "going to shoot down the place" while her hand was in her bag.

The owner of the Burger King restaurant told WCBD News, "I know it's a good product, but I'm not sure it's that good."

While the situation is humorous due to the fact that it is over a cinnamon roll, the police were called and it could have been potentially life threatening.

Most of the witnesses and employees reported that they did not fear for their life.

One witness, Haley Besson, told WCBD News 2, "I wasn't scared because I was like, the whole time, I was just like, this is over a cinnamon bun right now."

Although the suspect's hand was in her bag when she issued the threat, witnesses report that she never pulled out a gun or made any life threatening actions.

The Post and Courier reports that the three women left after the employees of the Burger King threatened to call the police.

Police officers from the Mount Pleasant Police Department arrived fast enough to see the three suspects drive off, but they were not able to catch up with their car.

Witnesses at the restaurant told the police officers the license number of the white Dodge Charger that the suspects left in. Unfortunately, the three suspects have not been found yet and the police are still trying to find them.

[Image via WikiCommons]