Man Sues Nevada For Denying His “GoPalin” License Plate Request

Don’t mess with James Linlor and his Sarah Palin license plate request, that’s what officials in Nevada learned this week after he filed a lawsuit against the state for denying his “GoPalin” license plate on the grounds that it was “too political.”

According to Linlor he was easily approved for “DMOCRAT” and “AL GORE” plates but couldn’t get approval for the Palin plate. Linlor also told the Reno Gazette-Journal that his application for “Go Obama” was approved.

For their part Nevada officials have already admitted that they made a mistake and his plate was issued nearly seven months ago.

According to the state’s DMV Director:

“I’m a little baffled why he would file a lawsuit in July when he got the plate in December.”

For his part Linlor’s lawyer says he wants to make sure the same thing never happens to another person again, especially during the 2012 election process.

Linlor’s lawyer notes:

“Their procedures are unconstitutional,” while adding, “They seem to have a hit and miss approach to deciding what’s approvable.”

Under Nevada codes of conduct license plats can not contain anything that shows “contempt, ridicule or superiority of … political affiliation.”

Yet another pointless lawsuit that will do nothing but clog up the court system in place of more important issues.