Man Apologizes To His Girlfriend By Standing On Car With A Sign Next To A Major Highway

A man just upped the ante for the most epic apology to a girlfriend ever. Instead of simply apologizing in person, he told the whole world how sorry he was by standing on top of his car next to a highway and held up a sign that declared his sincerity.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, another boyfriend was a complete jerk and beat his 17-year-old girlfriend into a coma just for being sarcastic.

Daniel is the name of the boyfriend who told reporters why he went to such great lengths. He explained that he had lied to his girlfriend Lindsey about something “stupid” during a recent disagreement, and he decided he wanted to prove just how sorry he was for the lie. He went to Walmart, purchased a black Sharpie pen a poster board, and created a sign that read, “Lindsey, please forgive me. I’m sorry I lied.”

To ensure that his girlfriend saw him, Daniel parked his car in a section of grass located in a split between highway I-24 and I-440. He then stood on his car waiting for Lindsey to drive past him on his way to work. The traffic on I-440 even began to back up due to people being so curious about his sign, with many honking, waving, and giving him the thumps up sign as they drove past. Daniel says the support of everyone helped him stand there for the 30 minutes wait:

“I was a little nervous because all of the traffic coming by and everything. But…the crazy, crazy things we do for love.”

Fortunately, this bold stunt worked out for Daniel since Lindsey saw him right as a police officer noticed his antics:

“She was actually on her phone. I’m pretty sure she was on the phone saying ‘oh my God’.”

The good news is that the police officer was understanding and simply told him he would have to leave the side of the interstate. The cop even suggested he might try a follow up by texting her instead. We do not have any word on whether the apology worked out as planned, but I am sure the girlfriend was impressed at least a teensy bit.

Man Apologizes To His Girlfriend By Standing On Car With A Sign Next To A Major Highway 2