Josh Brolin Signs Up For Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ And ‘Avengers’ Sequel

Looks like Josh Brolin is ready to make a huge payday. The actor, who’s known for dramas such as No Country for Old Men, True Grit, and Milk, is diving into the action world with two films.

In a report by Variety, sources reveal that Josh Brolin just inked a major deal to play Thanos. Some of you might remember the character of Thanos appeared in a scene during the credits of The Avengers. For those who are not familiar with Brolin’s upcoming character, he’s a huge villain in the Marvel world. Not only does he have ties in The Avengers series, but he also has strong ties in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe as well.

Thanos is a member of The Eternals, which is a group derived from “god-like beings” with power that’s superior to humans. In the comic books, Brolin’s character Thanos is called “Mad Titan.” This is due to the fact that Thanos tried to wipe out all of human race by using his Infinity Gauntlet. The gauntlet has a powerful punch and is capable of manipulating time, reality, space, and under very special circumstances, a human soul.

Director James Gunn, who directed the upcoming film Guardian of the Galaxy, revealed that the two series will intersect with each other in some fashion. “We’re definitely tied to ‘Avengers 3,'” said Gunn.

Another publication, Latino Review, broke the news about Brolin’s casting as Thanos, and they have always been on the ball about their Marvel and DC news. So while the news hasn’t been confirmed by anyone over at the studio yet, this is definitely as concrete as it gets, especially after Variety’s confirmation.

This isn’t the first time that Josh Brolin has been in an action film. In 2010, Brolin went to DC Comics and was directed in the box office bomb Jonah Hex. In the film he played a bounty hunter on the American western frontier. Brolin portrayed Hex as the anti-hero with a code of honor despite having violent tendencies. He played a similar role in Gangster Squad opposite Ryan Gosling, which also proved to be a box office bomb that sunk pretty quickly.

Of the stereotyping that goes around in Hollywood Brolin told the Star Tribune while promoting the film Labor Day:

“It’s weird, man. You start to get a complex after a time. It’s like, am I not the handsome type? Do they want me for all the ‘Aarghhh’?”

Hopefully Josh Brolin will mend his losing streak as Thanos.

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