Miranda Lambert: Truth About Marriage To Blake Shelton And Pregnancy Rumors

Miranda Lambert has a lot to look forward to in the coming week. The release of her fifth album, Platinum, is June 3 and she performs with Carrie Underwood in their duet, “Something Bad,” at the CMT Music Awards June 4.

Miranda includes a song about marriage issues on the album called “Automatic”; she tells Us Weekly it’s related to the insufferable tabloids that continue printing rumors about her and Blake Shelton. The 30-year-old country singer sticks to the same story anytime she’s asked about her marriage:

“Yep. Tabloids kept saying I was pregnant with triplets or that Blake and I were getting a $100 million divorce. We’ve learned to ignore the rumors and go on with our lives.”

Lambert co-hosts on US99.5 radio station this Sunday morning and reacts to the divorce and pregnancy rumors. A preview of her visit touches on the tabloid reports:

“There I am gettin’ divorced and pregnant with twins. It’s kinda like, ‘well, that’s different.'”

Lambert’s recent interview with Billboard casts more light on “Automatic”:

“Everything I’ve ever said in my lyrics is who I am as a person.”

She adds:

“It’s only worth as much as the time you put into in. It all just seemed so good the way we had it. Back before everything became automatic.”

Lambert and Shelton, 37, aren’t having a baby and their marriage is solid. Tabloid rumors are harder for Miranda to ignore than Blake. His ways are rubbing off on her, however. Her husband believes it’s a good sign tabloids go through so much effort to keep them front and center because it’s a measure of how popular they are in today’s entertainment world.

Aside from the couple’s burden as lucrative tabloid fodder, Miranda Lambert has received much praise for her weight loss efforts. In fact, she sings a song on Platinum called “Gravity Is a B***h.” She explains why she was moved to add the song:

My fans expect me to lay it all out! I’ve always been happy with myself. But when I hit 30, I thought, It’s not going to get easier. So I chose to get ahead of it. There’s still nothing I love more than a bag of Cheetos, though!”

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton will remain in the headlines for their private lives as much as for their music. They’ve learned to deal with the incessant rumors, speculations, and false assumptions boldly printed online and in magazines.

[Photo Credit: Jason Kempin / Getty Images]