Church goes all Tron: Legacy on its parishioners [Video]

Wow, I realize that church attendance might be down but isn’t this a little extreme, or maybe it’s a hellva cool idea; but the gang at obviously think it’s a great idea.

It seems that the church has a yearly get together where the sermons are geared around movies being used as the lens through which they “contextualize” Christian values.

This year the lucky movie is Tron: Legacy and as you can see by the images they really got into the passion of the event.

The sets, built by enthusiastic volunteers, include a number of black-light enhanced locations and items from the film, including Flynn’s arcade, several (disappointingly non-functional) light-cycles and even an End of Line bar, complete with tonic water (but alcohol-free) drinks that glow. Apart from promises of eternal salvation, you’d be hard pressed to find a more effective way to coax geeks into a church. Despite the flashy decorations, rest-assured (or be disappointed) that no one will be praying to Tron, at least in theory.

via Geekosystem

Let the countdown to the cease and desist letter begin now.