WWE Superstar Santino Marella Is Indirectly Promoted On ‘America’s Got Talent’ [VIDEO]

America’s Got Talent was recently graced by the karate expertise of Dustin’s Dojo. Even though Dustin says he learned how to be a “karate expert” at Roger Baker’s Tae Kwon Do and Pizza in Pensacola, Florida, he may have omitted a certain fact. He was probably trained by the “Italian Stallion,” WWE Superstar Santino Marella, and the Youtube video above will prove it.

All joking aside, WWE and America’s Got Talent probably did not take into account that Dustin and Terry’s comedy skit, based on becoming a “karate master,” would feature Santino Marella, one of the most entertaining comedic wrestlers ever seen in the WWE.

The indirect promotion for Santino Marella is shown in the form of the shirt Dustin wears for his initial skit on America’s Got Talent. As you can see, he is wearing an official WWE t-shirt. What is the name across the shield? Why it is Santino Marella, that’s who! By some coincidence, America’s Got Talent just promoted WWE superstar Santino Marella!

What people don’t realize is the pure genius behind why Dustin wore the official WWE t-shirt supporting Santino Marella. In WWE, the “Italian Stallion” is known for being a “karate expert.” Once, at a WWE Main Event taping, he promoted his skills, which he learned by reading a book on ninjutsu three times. He even explained that his hands are so fast, you can hear them. In short, Santino Marella is a “karate expert” as part of his character in WWE. Going back to America’s Got Talent, Dustin is trying to convince the viewers and judges that he is a “karate expert” too.

This bit of WWE promotion may have a connection to the report that NBC Universal agreed to a contract to air WWE on their network, as reported by The Inquisitr. It seems obvious that America’s Got Talent, as well as NBC, knew Dustin was wearing a shirt that features Santino Marella and the WWE, yet they still him wear it on the show. I am not saying this is evidence that NBC will be showing WWE television on their network. I am just saying that they probably knew that the shirt promoted WWE and Santino Marella. And yet, during Dustin’s on-stage act, the WWE Santino Marella t-shirt looked like it was turned inside-out.

Nevertheless, any promotion that the WWE can get is good, especially with their plummeting stock price. Having one of their WWE wrestlers indirectly featured on America’s Got Talent, even if it is the comedian Santino Marella, can only help them.

[Image via WWE]

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