Austin Mahone’s ‘The Secret’ Tops iTunes

Austin Mahone’s The Secret is officially a hit on iTunes.

Of course, this probably isn’t news to folks who have kept a close eye on the singer’s career as of late. Mahone’s record quickly shot to the top of the iTunes albums chart shortly after the pre-order became available to the masses. Now that it’s officially available for consumption, the album is back at the top of the heap.

As of this writing, Austin Mahone’s The Secret is holding strong at number one. Following close behind are Coldplay’s Ghost Stories and the self-titled record from the boy band 5 Seconds of Summer.

The singer has teased the project for months, so it’s good to see that his fans finally have something other than singles to spin in their stereos. Since so many people are spending their hard-earned money on the release, Austin Mahone could find himself listed pretty high on the Billboard Hot 200 next week. This writer is almost positive that the singer’s fingers are crossing like nobody’s business.

While fans are no doubt pumped for The Secret — you can find some reactions to the release below — critics aren’t quite sure what to make of the endeavor. The folks over at Billboard did their very best to review the songs, but apparently they weren’t completely sold on the project as a whole.

Writer Jason Lipshutz explained:

“There is little to dislike about the eight songs on ‘The Secret,’ which range from smirking party-starters like ‘Mmm Yeah’ to kindhearted ballads like ‘All I Ever Need’; with its slick production, theatrical vocals and huge, harmless hooks, the project actually resembles a late-90’s boy band album (and that’s meant as a compliment). Mahone is a charming pop presence without a whiff of danger, and while he handles these songs with aplomb, “The Secret” has its fair share of clumsy lyrics and choruses that entertain but don’t dazzle.”

Music critics are an admittedly tough sell when it comes to this sort of pop music. What matters most at the end of the day? The fans. Check out some of their responses to the Mahone’s album (or EP) below.

Are you planning to pick up a copy of Austin Mahone’s The Secret?

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