Quentin Tarantino Is Hoping For A ‘Django Unchained’ Miniseries

It is amazing how popular Django Unchained is. The story was very good, it broke a lot of movie barriers, and holds the record for how many times the “N” word is used in a movie. Now there are reports that its director, Quentin Tarantino, wants to expand on the story on television in a four-part miniseries.

According to IGN, a discussion at the Cannes Film Festival had Tarantino bring up that he had about 90 minutes worth of material in Django Unchained that wasn’t used in the movie. His idea it to cut together a four-hour version of Django Unchained for television. Seriously, this sounds cool but depending on what network decides to air it, they might have to cut back on certain words the movie is famous for using. However, that can change too especially if The Cartoon Network will censor every curse and derogatory term in their animated series, The Boondocks, with the exception of the “N” word.

Tarantino goes on to explain that he would cut the story into “four hour chapters, each shown as an individual episode. He also said he’d use all the material that the original Django Unchained movie omitted in the final cut. The fact that this new endeavor is a miniseries will give the audience a greater girth to understand the Django Unchained world. Also, it is a better practice to put this all into a miniseries. Just like Tarantino says, people will scoff at a four-hour long movie, but a miniseries is actually anticipated.

Despite all of its race issues of the time, curse words, and strong content, it will find a home on cable television somewhere. Maybe on ABC, since Kerry Washington (who is the main star of the network’s Scandal) plays Broomhilda Von Shaft. From an article by USA Today, Django Unchained did earn a total of five Academy Award nominations, which included Best Picture. It grabbed the gold for Original Screenplay and earned Christoph Waltz a Best Supporting Actor award.