Baby Goat Can Now Walk Thanks To New Wheelchair, Is Happiest Video You’ll See All Day

One: His name is Frostie, the baby snow goat. Two: Some beautiful people built him a little wheelchair. Three: There’s just… that happy goat sound he makes near the end. It’s… We’re unable to cope.

The story goes like this: Edgar’s Mission, a nonprofit farm animal rescue sanctuary in Victoria, Australia, received Frostie the goat, and saw that he had a disease called joint navel ill. That’s a musculoskeletal affliction some goats suffer from that can make them lose the use of their legs. In Frostie the snow goat’s case, the disease made his hind legs non-functional. The people at Edgar’s Mission had pumped the baby goat full of antibiotics, but Frostie’s hind legs remained unusable, and the baby goat was unable to get around… until the folks at the Mission gave him a little cart.

The rest… well… the video speaks for itself. Without the cart, Frostie is a loving little goat, but ultimately tame. Put the goat into the cart, though, and he is suddenly playful, even a bit cheeky. Now given the chance to ambulate on his own, the snow goat is licking and nibbling at everything he can get to.

But wait; there’s more! The folks from Edgar’s Mission took the now-mobile goat out on the town. Watching the little goat beat feet to make his way along the sidewalk is… well, we’ll just say we found it suddenly very dusty in our apartment while writing this. Yes, so… very dusty, in here.

One of the best parts is seeing the snow goat trotting alongside Leon Trotsky, a piglet at Edgar’s Mission that used the cart before Frostie. Leon had suffered a crushed pelvis, and the cart helped him get around while he was recovering. Now a recovered Trotsky pads along with the rolling snow goat, and we just… did we mention the dust?

As Frostie the snow goat continues his recovery, he’s achieved no small amount of Internet fame, joining California’s Mr. G – who has a best friend that’s a donkey – among goats repairing the image of their species in the wake of some troublemakers raising concerns.

Lead image via Edgar’s Mission.