Depressed Goat Goes On Hunger Strike Until Reunited With Donkey Best Friend

A depressed goat named Mr. G had a difficult life growing up on a farm owned by a hoarder who forced the animals to live in squalor, so when animal authorities stepped in and seized the animals, forcing the goat away from his only friend, it was just too much.

Mr. G and Jellybean the donkey were best friends, local California outlet KTVU reported. But when they were seized by animal control, Jellybean was sent to one animal care facility while Mr. G went to another.

That’s when workers at Animal Place in Grass Valley noticed something strange with Mr. G. They said the goat looked depressed, and eventually he refused to eat and just laid in the corner of his stall all day. Workers tried to give him sweet grain or apples, treats for a goat, but still Mr. G refused.

So they decided to try something drastic, KTVU reported.

“They decided to reunite him with the burro,” the report noted. “It took three days to go get Jellybean and transport him to Grass Valley.

“When Jellybean finally arrived, as he was being unloaded from the animal trailer, Mr. G heard him and immediately leapt to his hooves and ran to the door.”

The incredible friendship was captured by Animal Place, which created a YouTube video of their reunion. In the video, Mr. G was seen following his friend around their enclosure, not wanting to leave Jellybean’s side.

It’s not new that goats have shown an intelligence and understanding beyond their species. A recent YouTube video showed Chaz the Goat, an incredible animal that learned how to open doors on his own.

The friendship between Mr. G and Jellybean has been quite popular, with the YouTube video garnering more than 30,000 views and the story getting picked up by news outlets nationwide.

Now that the animals have reunited, the formerly depressed goat is happy again, workers said. Mr. G has also ended his hunger strike and is eating normally.