US Postal Service Employee Caught Carelessly Tossing Packages [Video]

If you are a frequent customer of the United States Postal Service (USPS) and use their services to send out fragile goods, the video above will certainly disturb you. This amateur video, captured and uploaded to YouTube, shows a postal service employee, believed to be a supervisor, carelessly tossing away packages into the back of a mail truck. The incident dates back to May 5, 2014 and was recorded in Clinton, Mississippi.

According to 16 WAPT News, the video was captured by a lady named Lyndsey Durham near the office of a local online merchant and was subsequently uploaded to YouTube with a detailed description that reads as follows:

"As an online merchant, ensuring our products are delivered safely to our customers is top priority. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year specifically on doing our best to makes sure our items arrive safely when considering packaging and postage costs alone."

"The one problem that no amount of our money can solve is abuse by the carriers we are trusting to safely deliver our packages. This video features a local supervisor from the United States Postal Service recklessly tossing our packages into the back of the mail truck as they are picking them up from our place of business. If they will do this to our packages in front of us, how will they treat them behind close doors? This level of carelessness, unprofessionalism, and downright abuse cannot be ignored."

The video soon reached WJTV News Channel 12, who later confirmed from another postal service employee that the lady who appears in the video tossing away packages is indeed a USPS supervisor.

In an official reaction to WAPT, a United States Postal Service spokesperson, Enola C. Rice, said:

"The Postal Service takes seriously all issues regarding customer service. We extend our apologies for this incident. The video is disappointing and does not represent the kind of service we strive to provide our customers, or the manner in which the majority of our employees handle packages." She added that the YouTube video has led to an investigation of the matter and assured that appropriate actions would be taken, pending results."
Have you experienced any similar examples of a total lack of professionalism from the United States Postal Service?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]