American Idol Winner 2014: Caleb Johnson of Asheville, NC

The winner of American Idol for 2014 is Caleb Johnson of Asheville, NC. Caleb Johnson is the first hard rock singer to win American Idol ever, and the second contestant to win after auditioning three times.

The 2014 American Idol winner began his singing career in an Asheville, NC hard rock band called Elijah Hooker in 2010. The band recently released their self titled debut album independently. Caleb Johnson is 23 years old; he was 11 when American Idol announced their first winner, Kelly Clarkson, in 2002.

American Idol has launched many careers in the music business, more so than any other music reality television show. The hit show’ss winner for 2014 should experience a major bump from winning the televised competition. The question remains: does he remain with his band, or does he venture out on his own.

This year, Caleb Johnson had a dynamic selection of songs throughout the competition including Sympathy For The Devil by the Rolling Stones, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, and last night showed his vocal range singing Dream On by Aerosmith.

Even though Caleb Johnson won American Idol 2014 just last night, he already has a single released, titled As Long As You Love Me.

After being announced the American Idol winner for 2014, Caleb Johnson said:

I cannot wait to release some original soulful heavy rock n roll music for you in the coming months! God bless each and everyone of you! What an honor and privilege!

American Idol has been through many changes throughout the years. They seem to have lost touch with many fans, the changes making it tough to follow the show.

Twitter twits have had much to say about the 2014 season:

Even if American Idol lost touch with some of its fans, the show is still still an enormous platform for up and coming artists. There is no doubt that the winners will springboard from the show into a career in music performance. With Caleb Johnson’s talent, it is entirely possible that the American Idol winner for 2014 will succeed!

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