WWE Rumor: CM Punk And AJ Lee Will Return At WWE Payback

All the poor choices, both creative and corporate, WWE made are starting to affect the brand itself. As mentioned here on The Inquisitr, WWE stock numbers have dropped significantly. In turn, Vince McMahon’s net worth has dropped by more than 350 million dollars, costing the boss his prestigious billionaire status and reducing him to a common millionaire.

Fortunately, there is a shining star of hope for WWE fans, though it is just a rumor. This rumor, however, is enough to cause quite a stir among third-party wrestling news sites and fan boards.

A major buzz is beginning with WWE Payback 2014 just a little over a week away. WWE fans are, of course, holding onto high hopes that CM Punk and AJ Lee will return to the ring.

In reality, CM Punk returning at WWE Payback 2014 is given odds of 200 to 1 as reported by the Bleacher Report. There is no clear evidence of CM Punk returning at WWE Payback 2014, but that doesn’t stop WWE fans from day-dreaming about the possibility. Perhaps, The Epoch Times said it best in their article:

“If there was ever a perfect time for CM Punk to return to WWE, Payback would be that time.”

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Some people don’t believe CM Punk will ever come back though, especially with reports he has invested his income so well that he is set for life and doesn’t need to risk permanent injury by continuing to wrestle.

But if he did decide to wrestle again, WWE Payback 2014 is the best venue for CM Punk to make his return as reported by Sportskeeda.

  1. Stocks are going to hell and a CM Punk return may be what is needed for a upturn.
  2. Daniel Bryan is out of commission due to a neck injury ergo they need a new babyface.
  3. CM Punk is going vocal again (this will be proven right after this list).
  4. AJ Lee is rumored to return at the PPV, which is a big deal since they are engaged.
  5. WWE Payback 2014 happens in Chicago (Punk’s hometown) and he has beef with Kane.

Clinging to every tiny hint, fans have latched onto the fact that CM Punk is now tweeting again. His last tweet, prior to the one below, was back in January.

Going back to The Bleacher Report, AJ Lee’s probability of return is 25 to 1. Wow! Her chances of returning are higher than CM Punk. Rumors claim the former divas champion took time off after Wrestlemania XXX to spend time – and tie the knot – with CM Punk. The longest running divas champion in WWE history can’t just disappear after losing the title to Paige, right?

Also, Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported on May 4th that AJ Lee is expected to return to the WWE in about four to six weeks. WWE Payback 2014 lands right smack in the middle of that time range.

The only reason why AJ Lee may not return at the PPV would be if her wedding to CM Punk occurred sometime in June. This was confirmed by CM Punk himself at a Chicago Cubs game, which is shown in the video below.

It is believed that once AJ Lee has her wedding ring on her finger, her chances of coming back to the WWE will skyrocket.

So what do you all think? Do you think CM Punk and AJ Lee will return at WWE Payback 2014 or will it be just like Wrestlemania XXX?

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