Young Boy Recounts Being Murdered in Past Life: You Won’t Believe How He Proved It

Most readers would approach such a bizarre topic with skepticism and scrutiny, as it would seem too outlandish to be true. But, what would you say if there was proof? Apparently, one little boy had no problems with providing proof to back his claims.

According to Epoch Times, a 3-year-old boy residing in the Golan Heights village, bordering Syria and Israel, claimed to have been murdered in a past life. He reportedly explained that he died a gruesome death and had been bludgeoned with an axe. While most people would assume the child was simply telling tales, the people in the village took his claims quite seriously. The boy is reportedly a part of the Druze ethnic group, and the monotheistic religious and social community holds reincarnation to high regard. More specifically, believers deem it to be factual.

The boy is also said to have a distinctive, symbolic red birthmark on his head, which represents past-life deaths. The birthmark served as a form of edification for his claims. Needless to say the community still found his claims to be quite astonishing.

A full account of the alleged murder was recounted by German therapist Truts Hardo and published in a book entitled Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today. The book chronicles reincarnation experiences told by children from all around the world. The boy’s story was told to Hardo by the late Dr. Eli Lasch, who passed in 2009. Lasch reportedly witnessed the boy telling how the incident occurred.

According to the book, the boy was able to identify his killer by name. When the boy was given the opportunity to confront the alleged killer, the man’s face reportedly “turned white.” However, Lasch clarified that he did not admit to committing the alleged murder simply because of the accusation. The boy went on to provide proof to support the allegations when he led a group of people to the location where the remains had been buried. When the body was uncovered, a noticeable wound to the skull coincided with the location of the boy’s birthmark. The axe the boy claimed to be the murder weapon was also discovered not far from the remains.

Once the evidence was revealed, the alleged murderer openly confessed to committing the crime. Since Dr. Lasch was the only non-Druze to witness the series of events, many have been skeptical about the boy’s claim. Do you believe it?

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