Group Sues Texas Governor Rick Perry Over Prayer Day

James Johnson

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is being sued by the Freedom from Religion Foundation after using his public office to call for a day of prayer, a day the group says oversteps the First Amendment ban on government-endorsed religious practices.

The Christian event was organized by Perry and then promoted on his official governmental website and on documents that used his offices official governmental seal to promote the Aug. 6 event which he calls The Response.

The group isn't arguing that Perry shouldn't have been able to participate in the event or other religious services, just that he shouldn't have been allowed to initiate it and use his official public office to promote it.

Perry is also scheduled to give an official proclamation at the event which the group also believed oversteps his role in the prayer day event. The Texas Governor even went so far as to invite Governor's from other states to the event and offered President Obama a chance to attend.

Do you believe Perry has overstepped the separation of church and state rules?