[UPDATE] New MacBook Airs, Mac OSX Lion coming soon?

Daniel McCall

UPDATE: According to a report by MIC Gadget, the Mac OS X Lion release date is tomorrow, July 15. Their sources state that Apple stores in China are prepping for "overnight setup" - which, for the uninitiated, means that the launch of something is imminent. We'll continue to update this post if any new information comes in.

According to a report from 9to5 Mac, Apple will be releasing new MacBook Airs and MacBook Minis with Apple's latest OS, Mac OS X Lion, sometime this month.

The report originally pinned the launch of the new MacBook Airs, as well as the launch of the latest OS, on July 14. Considering that July 14 today and Apple hasn't made an announcement, it seems that part of the report turned out to not be true.

9to5 insists their source is accurate, however, and that the launch could have been pushed back for some unknown reason. To further back the story up - or add confusion - SpeakApple also managed to intercept information from a source close to Apple that suggested Mac OS X Lion would be launching at 12 AM today in the UK.

The launch of the new OS was reportedly to take place after the scheduled downtime, but that obviously didn't happen, either. All SpeakApple could say is that "Apple seems to have delayed the launch this time."

The launch date of these new products is still up in the air, but the amount of chatter seems to suggest new product lines featuring Mac OS X Lion are imminent. We'll let you know when we hear anything more.